Steps to Claim Your Money Share From Facebook’s $725 Million Privacy Settlement

If you used Facebook between 2007 and 2022, Facebook owes your money? Yes, you read it right, the Northern District Court of California has ordered Facebook to give 725 million dollars to its users. Here we will guide you to check your eligibility and how to claim your share of the $725 million Facebook Privacy settlement. We’ll also discuss other information, like the critical dates and who to contact.

How to claim Facebook Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation Settlement

How to Apply for Facebook Consumer Privacy Litigation Settlement Claim?

There are two ways to claim this settlement, and you can choose between these methods at your convenience. The claim can be submitted online through the official website, or you can fill out a form and send it via post to apply offline. Detailed instructions are listed below.

Steps to Apply for Facebook Consumer Privacy Litigation Settlement Online

An official website has been created to claim your share of the settlement. It can be done by filling in a few details on the page.

1. Visit the claim settlement website on a web browser.

2. Enter all your details, like your name, address, associated email ID and phone numbers, to your Facebook account, etc., in the form.

3. Select the payment option from the list. You can also choose to get the payment by cheque.

How to claim Facebook Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation Settlement

4. Enter your full name and hit the Submit button.

Once your details are sent to the concerned authorities, you will get the settlement whenever it is disbursed.

Steps to Apply for the Facebook Consumer Privacy Litigation Settlement Offline

If you prefer to apply for the settlement offline, you must download this settlement form. Print and fill in your correct details, attach the documents if required, and send to:

Facebook Consumer Privacy

User Profile Litigation, c/o Settlement Administrator

1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Since there is a deadline for this settlement, your form must be postmarked by August 25, 2023, to be eligible for this settlement claim. It is recommended to fill out the online form instead of opting for the offline option.


Q. How to Claim Your Share of Facebook’s Privacy Settlement?

Facebook has agreed to settle the privacy claim and pay $725 Million to the affected users. This article will walk you through the process to claim your share of this settlement, and we will also answer some of the most asked questions.

Q. How Much Money Will You Get From This Settlement?

It is unclear how much your share will be from this settlement since the Facebook user base has increased significantly between 2007 and 2022. But we boiled this down to a few factors to determine how much money you will get from this settlement.

First, it depends on how many people will claim this settlement. Since the user base is enormous, many people will claim this settlement. Secondly, the amount will depend on how long you’ve been on Facebook during this class period. If you delete your account before 2022, you will still get the settlement, but the amount will be lower.

Q. When Will This Money Reach Your Accounts?

Since the details about this settlement are unavailable, even Meta has not said any conclusive date when this money will reach your accounts. The payments will take some time to be finalized after the final approval from the court. Once done, you will know the exact date for this money to reach your accounts.

The date for final approval is set for September 7 of this year. The date is also subject to change, so keep track of this in the news. Or you can bookmark this page to stay updated for that date.

Q. What Is the Eligibility for Claiming the Facebook Settlement Share?

You can determine if you are eligible to claim for the Facebook Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation by checking the below-mentioned points:

  • You must be a citizen of the United States between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022.
  • You must be a Facebook user during the same period mentioned above.
  • You are still eligible for this claim even if you deleted your Facebook account from 2007 to 2022. Your amount will be comparatively lower.

Q. What Is the Deadline of Claiming for the Settlement?

The deadline for claiming the settlement is August 25, 2023, and it should be done before 11:59 PM PDT. If you do it offline, your claim form must be postmarked on or before August 25, 2023. If failed to do so, you will not be eligible for this settlement claim.

Q. How Can I Contact the Settlement Administrator?

You can contact the settlement administrator for the a at the below-mentioned details.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-855-556-2233
  • Address: Facebook Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation, c/o Settlement Administrator, 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Wrapping Up

You can apply for the Facebook privacy settlement claim and get your share. If you have any difficulty with any of these methods or have queries, you can contact the Settlement Administrator or check out the FAQ section on the claim page. All the dates and information mentioned in this article are subject to change, so we recommend you bookmark this page for any such updates.

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