These noise-masking Anker Soundcore earbuds will help you sleep like a log at an unbeatable price

You’ve all heard of and maybe splashed the cash on noise-cancelling earbuds from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Bose, Google, or Jabra, but what if you want something that can play music wirelessly from your phone or tablet during the day and help you rest better at night?

That’s where Anker sub-brand Soundcore comes in, selling noise-blocking (or noise-masking) sleep earbuds at a very interesting price right now in collaboration with Amazon. Available back in the day at a whopping $179.99 a pair, the 2022-released Soundcore Sleep A10 can be had at the time of this writing for a cool 30 bucks under their revised $129.99 list price from AnkerDirect on Amazon.

To our knowledge, these decidedly unconventional true wireless earbuds have never been up for sale as cheap as today, which is why you should probably hurry and pull the trigger as soon as possible if you’re looking for creative new ways to get a good night’s sleep.

Billed as comfortable “even for side sleepers”, the ultra-affordable A10s will cover any and all surrounding noises that could disrupt your nightly tranquility with a “wide variety” of unlimited sleep sounds. These can obviously be adjusted both manually and automatically, and once the earbuds detect you’ve fallen asleep, all audio is paused to save energy.

As you can imagine, the battery life makes the Soundcore Sleep A10 kind of impractical for all-day-and-all-night use, at up to 6 hours in “Music mode”, 10 hours in “Sleep mode”, and 8 hours when you combine both modes. But the charging case can add a massive 40 hours of extra endurance time (in different stages, of course), so if you’re careful about your usage patterns, this becomes little more than a minor concern.
Naturally, the Sleep A10 are not as great at playing your favorite tunes as some of the best (conventional) wireless earbuds out there, lacking active noise cancellation and other super-premium audio capabilities. But for their (reduced) price, these puppies can sure do a lot of things competently (at the very least), looking like an extremely smart buy for plenty of cash-strapped wireless audio enthusiasts/insomniacs today.

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