EA Sports FC 24’s Latest Deep Dive Reveals Information about ProClubs and Volta

EA Sports FC 24, the beginning of the new era of EA’s football simulation games is gearing up to arrive on September 29. Following the yearly tradition, EA has been releasing Deep Dive videos on the various aspects of the game to inform the players as well as get them hyped. Their latest deep dive video reveals key details about Pro Clubs and Volta game modes, learn more about them below.


Crossplay will be arriving for both Volta as well as Clubs in EA FC 24. It will function in the same manner as crossplay works for other game modes, which means you can only use this feature across same-gen consoles. Furthermore, Clubs will be playable on Switch for the first time ever.


The format for the Clubs League has been completely revamped. This has been done to keep things fresh and new for players every year and also, so that it feels much more like how Clubs work in real life.

The first change is that the whole year has been split into seasons, with each season’s theme and rewards being inspired by the time of the year. Moreover, there will be 3 phases in each season for players to compete in. The first one is the Elite phase, which is like normal divisions. Next is the Promotional phase where you will try to get promoted to a higher division. The last is the Playoffs, which will happen towards the end of the season. In the Playoffs phase, players will be able to climb through the leaderboards and also earn Clubs rewards, these matches don’t end in draws so get ready for some penalty shootouts. Lastly, relegation has been removed, so players will keep going higher as they play and ranks will only be reset once the season ends.

Dynamic Match Intros

New cutscenes have been added that match the intensity and feel of the stage of the competition you are in. There will be different cutscenes that will highlight different aspects of the competition more dynamically. This could include a different scene for the first match of the season, the intensity of a promotional match and also the excitement after bringing in that win.

Seasonal Reset

The end of your season will be marked with new League Trophies to decorate your stadium with. After the Playoffs stage ends, and the next season starts, the Clubs division progress will be reset. However, the number of fans and reputation they have managed to gather along with their skill rating will remain unchanged.

Fans and Reputation

Fans and Reputation are the way you build your club through the year. Every match you play, your audience grows according to your performance and that ends up increasing your reputation. The increase in reputation will help increase your Club’s skill rating and also record your growth over the year. Furthermore, fans will also help you get bigger stadiums and even better players, as the more fans you have, the better your team’s AI capabilities.

Pro Personalisation

Pro Personalisation receives New Vanity, which will help players express themselves better. This means that new hairstyles, tattoos, clothes and accessories will be added to the game.

Moreover, your Pro can be customised with PlayStyles too, which can be equipped to give the extra edge to the team. More PlayStyles will be unlocked as you play and you can also unlock PlayStyle+ to take certain abilities even further.

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