Frog Detective’s endearingly silly adventures coming to consoles in three-game Entire Mystery collection

Frog Detective, developer Worm Club’s trilogy of endearingly daft sleuthing adventures, is making the leap to consoles – specifically PlayStation, Switch, Xbox (including Game Pass) – later this year, in the three-game collection appropriatley called The Entire Mystery.

Frog Detective first hopped onto PC back in 2018’s brisk The Haunted Island, wherein our sleuthing lead travelled to exotic climes to solve the mystery of a sloth-bothering ghost through a relaxed bit of clue hunting and suspect questioning. Its warm, silly demeanour soon attracted a bit of a cult following, and a sequel, The Case of the Invisible Wizard, arrived a year on.

And because nobody’s ever heard of a trilogy that stops at two, Frog Detective finally hung up his sleuthing hat (metaphorically at least – I haven’t played this one yet, so I’ve no idea how it ends) in one last adventure, 2023’s wild-west-themed Corruption at Cowboy County, which irrevocably changed the face of video games forever by adding a scooter.

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery console announcement trailer.

That scooter will be getting a bit of extra love when Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery eventually arrives, with Worm Club teasing an “exclusive and fun” new scooter mini-game. “Did Tony Hawk ever get a detective game?”, it asks. “Checkmate, birdman.”

Worm Club isn’t talking pricing or release dates for Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery just yet (but it does say to expect language localisation for the first time), so you’ll need to hang tight until it’s ready to share more. In the meantime, if you’ve yet to familiarise yourself with the gently weird world of Frog Detective, Eurogamer contributor Sarah Thwaites took a little look back at the much-loved series earlier this year, so why not have a read?

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