Own Google Pixel Buds? Google Wants You To Clean Them Routinely

Earbuds have now become one of the essential gadgets. If you asked me, I would say it’s pretty much impossible to go out without taking my wireless earbuds. However, a common issue with regularly used accessories is neglecting their cleaning. Well, Google has taken a step in this regard for the users of Google Pixel Buds.

Google is now rolling out the 1.05.555017123 version for the Google Pixel Buds app. And one of the major changes in this update is that it will remind the users to routinely clean the buds. What’s more important is that the notification will come in a periodic manner, which means it will be hard for you to ignore the task.

Why Google Wants You to Routinely Clean Your Google Pixel Buds

While the notification feature may seem annoying to some, Google has taken an important step. Through this, Google is basically helping you to keep the Pixel Buds free from bacteria. In other words, it will lead to better hygiene for something that you regularly use.

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But that’s not the only thing. Keeping your Google Pixel Buds clean will let you get a consistent audio experience. After all, dust and grime can clog up the filter that’s right on top of the driver hole. Also, when the charging contacts on the bottom have a layer of dust on them, the buds can stop charging properly.

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That said, Google is not using any sophisticated techniques to determine the cleaning frequencies. Instead, the app will track how many hours you are keeping the Google Pixel Buds connected to your phone. And after every 120 hours, the app will give you a notification asking you to clean the earbuds.

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But how do you clean the Pixel Buds? Well, Google has got you covered in that regard. When you click any of the notifications reminding you to clean the buds, you will be redirected to a video. It’s a YouTube video by the Made by Google team explaining the process. You can check it out here.

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