Microsoft is launching official console wraps for Xbox Series X, starting with a Starfield one

Microsoft has unveiled a range of official consoles wraps for Xbox Series X, including one inspired by Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG Starfield, that’ll go on sale across Europe, Canada, and the US, starting in October.

The new wraps consist of solid core panels layered with a fabric finish that are designed to fold around a console and provide a customisation option Microsoft describes as “more affordable and more sustainable than purchasing a special edition or limited edition console”,

Wraps are held in place through a combination of hook, loop, and silicon printing on the interior of each panel, and Microsoft says they’ve been created to ensure vents are kept clear and air can flow freely through the console.

To get things rolling, Microsoft is releasing three wrap designs; two are fairly unremarkable camo designs – a white and grey option called Artic Camo, plus a blue and purple version known as Mineral Camo – but the third is a slick Starfield variant, featuring white panelling and grey detailing intended to complement the recently unveiled Starfield controller and headset.

Of the three designs, Microsoft is launching the Starfield wrap first; it’ll be available in Europe, Canda, and the US from 18th October, costing £44.99/$49.99 USD. As for the camo options, they arrive a little later on 10th November and at the slightly cheaper price of £39.99/$44.99 USD. However, while the US and Canada will get both camo designs, Microsoft says only the Mineral Camo will be making its to Europe initially.

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