Mortal Kombat 1 welcomes Sindel and General Shao in hair-raising, spine-tingling new trailer

If it’s more Mortal Kombat 1 you want, then it’s more Mortal Kombat 1 you’ll get! And, thanks to developer NetherRealm’s later trailer – confirming the return of Sindel, General Shao, Motaro, and Shujinko – you’ll never look at a ponytail in the same way again.

These four latest additions to Mortal Kombat 1’s line-up get their introductions in a trailer blending story cinematics and fighting action that, narratively, appears to happen relatively early on in proceedings as Raiden is welcomed into the fold as Earthrealm’s champion.

Skepticism almost immediately ensues from General Shao and chums, but doubts are soon laid as we switch to a fresh chunk of typically brutal, bone-shattering in-game fighting action that sees Raiden paired with Shujinko and Sindel with Motaro.

Mortal Kombat 1 – Rulers of Outworld trailer.

Judging by the trailer, Shujinko and Motaro will feature as supporting Kameo Fighters, while Sindel and General Shao get the full playable character treatment, the latter two bringing proceedings to a close with another jaw-dropping – although not, thankfully, literally this time – Finisher. Instead, hair moves in ways and through newly created orifices it probably should not, culminating in a classic bit of Mortal Kombat violence as Shao loses his skull and spine.

Mortal Kombat 1 isn’t too far away from launch now, of course; it releases for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 19th September.

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