Jusant, home of one the best jumps in video games, gets October release date

Jusant, the upcoming climbing game that promises “meditative vibes” for all those who take on the challenge, will release on 31st October.

When Halloween comes around, we will be able to get to grips with Don’t Nod’s immeasurably tall tower across Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. It will also be releasing day one on Game Pass.

The developer shared a new gameplay trailer to accompany this news, which highlights some of the different ways players will be able to approach their great accent. It also gives a little look at some of the biomes we can expect to traverse on release, which are home to some “unique flora and fauna”. You can have a watch below.

The music in this trailer is rather lovely and calming.

Our Donlan was rather charmed by Jusant when he gave the demo a go earlier in the year, calling it “a bit of a treat”.

“By the time I reached the end of the demo, I was properly in love,” he wrote following his time with the game. “And what’s this? I wasn’t really that high up. I mean, I was high up enough to give me a bit of vertigo, but the mountain tower itself still went far higher, up into the sky.”

“What would I find up there?” he asked, admitting that he can’t wait to find out.

Thankfully, for those like Donlan, there is only a couple more months to wait before we can scale Jusant’s tower and take in the lofty views from above.

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