There’s a handheld Sega Mega Drive device in the works

A handheld Sega Mega Drive, known as the Mega 95 and which plays original carts, has been announced by accessory maker Hyperkin.

As reported by to The Verge, this portable device is based on the company’s MegaRetroN HD Gaming Console, which is also compatible with the Sega Mega Drive.

The Mega 95 is equipped with a five-inch display, which users can toggle to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 modes. As for its battery life – an ever important question for any handheld device – according to Hyperkin, it should last for 10 hours per charge.

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Much like Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console, the Mega 95 also comes with a docking station, so players can use it with their TV if they’d prefer to see things on a bigger screen. In addition, it has extra ports for additional controllers (see image below).

Hyperkin has yet to announce a release date, or indeed any pricing guidelines, for the Mega 95. However, The Verge notes the company’s SupaBoy Portable Pocket Console – which is compatible with original Super NES and Super Famicom cartridges – currently sells for $119.99 (which is roughly £95 pounds for those of us here in Blighty).

In addition to the Mega 95, Hyperkin is also working on bringing back the original Xbox Controller S as a modern gamepad. This controller – known as the DuchesS – will be officially licensed to work with Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, as well as Windows 10/11.

The Mega 95 docked
Image credit: Hyperkin

It will include a share button built in for Series consoles, a USB-C port, and a 3.5mm headset jack. There will also be Hall effect joysticks and triggers, which in theory, should “make them more resistant to growing inaccurate over time”, The Verge reports.

The DuchesS has only been announced to be in the pipeline today (9th January), and the images for the controller (below) show in-development design. This means the final design may be different to what is shown right now.

Again, the accessory maker is yet to announce a release date or a price.

The DuchesS in white

The DuchesS in black

Image credit: Hyperkin

In the meantime, while we wait for Hyperkin’s various bits and pieces, we can play a selection of Mega Drive games on the Nintendo Switch. Anyone fancy a spot of Kid Chameleon?

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