New iOS 17.3 features in action (Video)

iOS 17.3

Apple released iOS 17.3 beta 3 earlier this week and now we get to find out about the new features coming to the iPhone in this update. The latest update to iOS 17.3 is sure to catch your attention. This new release isn’t just another routine update; it introduces exciting features that significantly enhance both your music experience and device security. Let’s delve into these updates and see how they can transform your iOS experience in a new video from iDeviceHelp.

1. Collaborate and Celebrate with Apple Music

Music has always been a communal experience, and iOS 17.3 takes this to a new level with its collaborative playlist feature in Apple Music. Imagine being able to create a playlist that’s not just yours but a harmonious compilation of you and your friends’ musical tastes. Here’s how it elevates your music experience:

  • Create, Share, Collaborate: You can now create a playlist and invite friends to add their favorite tunes. Whether it’s for a party or just sharing your latest finds, this feature makes music listening more interactive.
  • Emoji Reactions for Songs: Add a personal touch with emoji reactions. Love a song added by a friend? Let them know with a heart or any emoji that captures your mood.
  • Control at Your Fingertips: Worrying about unwanted changes? Fear not! iOS 17.3 allows you to approve collaborators, ensuring your playlist remains harmonious.
  • Ease of Use: Sharing a playlist is as simple as sending a message, email, or using Airdrop. This ease of use ensures that everyone, regardless of their tech-savviness, can join in the fun.

2. Elevated Security with Stolen Device Protection

In an age where our devices are akin to digital vaults, security is paramount. iOS 17.3 introduces a significant update in this realm – Stolen Device Protection. This feature is a game-changer for those concerned about device security. Here’s how it protects your device:

  • Robust Unauthorized Access Prevention: Even if a thief cracks your passcode, they won’t be able to tamper with your Apple ID password, access keychain passwords, or reach your iCloud data.
  • Built-in Delay for Security Settings Changes: iOS 17.3 introduces a delay for changes to security settings, adding an extra layer of protection. However, this delay is bypassed at known locations, like your home or office, for convenience.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your device is protected against unauthorized changes provides peace of mind, essential in our digitally-driven world.

A Blend of Social Interaction and Security

iOS 17.3 stands out for its blend of social interaction and robust security measures. The collaborative playlist in Apple Music isn’t just a feature; it’s a new way to experience music together. Simultaneously, the stolen device protection ensures that your personal information remains secure, even in the unfortunate event of theft.

You will be pleased to know that these features are designed with both ease of use and efficiency in mind. If you are wondering how these updates will affect your daily usage, rest assured that the transition is seamless, enhancing your iOS experience without complicating it. We are expecting Apple to release their IOS 17.3 software update before the end of the month.

Source & Image Credit:iDeviceHelp

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