When does iOS 17.3 come out?

Apple’s upcoming software release for iPhone is in testing and comes with an important new security feature called Stolen Device Protection. So when will it be released for everyone? Here’s the answer to the question “when will iOS 17.3 come out?”

The first iOS 17.3 beta arrived in the middle of December and now we’re on the third build of the beta after an issue with the second release ended up bricking some testers’ iPhones.

While few new features come with iOS 17.3, there is a big security upgrade – Stolen Device Protection.

This adds a layer of security for your Apple ID and more in the rare event your iPhone is stolen and your device passcode is also compromised.

When does iOS 17.3 come out?

TL;DR – iOS 17.3 will likely be available for everyone at the end of January (barring any issues that would cause delays)

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Previous iOS .3 releases:

We’re on a different track this year than the iOS 13.3 and iOS 14.3 releases, so the last two years give the best prediction of when we’ll see the latest iOS 17 release.

Both iOS 16.3 and 15.3 were released in the last week of January.

Given where we’re at in the iOS 17.3 beta cycle that would give Apple:

  • The ability to release the fourth beta the week of January 15
  • Launch the release candidate the week of January 22
  • Release the public build the week of January 29

There’s of course always the possibility of unforeseen issues causing a delay, but Apple’s probably aiming for a late January launch.

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