Sail Forth: Maelstrom – Official Trailer

Here’s your look at the trailer for the Sail Forth: Maelstrom expansion, which brings new adventures, challenges, and treasures as colossal vortexes emerge to reshape the seas.

In the Maelstrom expansion for Sail Forth, a tempest has swept across the Deepblue, bringing forth colossal vortexes that promise unparalleled challenges and untold treasures. Are you ready to face the Maelstrom? Meet the Arcane Order, as The Maelstrom is watched over by mysterious guardians who offer strange new rewards to sailors willing to risk charting the depths of the Underworld. The expansion also features new adversaries, like the Wormkin, as well as expanded vessel customization with the new ship cosmetic system.

The Sail Forth: Maelstrom expansion is available now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, and will be available on January 16, 2024 on Nintendo Switch.

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