Cult of the Lamb’s Sins of the Flesh ‘sex’ update arrives next week

Cult of the Lamb players asked, and the developer listened. The evil sheep-fronted management game is getting a ‘sex’ update.

This free update is known as Sins of the Flesh, and is coming (no pun intended, but, hey, as it is there anyway let’s just roll with it) to platforms on 16th January.

Developer Massive Monster calls the upcoming content its “biggest and most wicked” update yet. It will include new progression systems, which will add more complexity to the gameplay. The Cult of the Lamb team also boasts about the arrival of “shiny poop, baneful brooms, and bigger, better buildings,” so plenty to keep an eye out for.

Here’s our video team playing some Cult of the Lamb.

Now, I did mention this was the ‘sex’ update, and I wasn’t lying. Players will find that when two of their devout followers “love each other very much” there is the chance they will find an egg to take care of (because that is where babies come from, I have heard). The egg will soon hatch and players will need to take care of the hatchling and perhaps get them ready for life in the Cult while they’re at it.

You can see a trailer for Sins of the Flesh below, complete with strategically placed fig leaves and some tent-based fun times.

Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh Update, coming 16th January.

Cult of the Lamb released in 2022 and soon amassed plenty of followers. In addition to the above trailer, the studio also announced that its flock has since grown to 3.5 million, with that number still rising.

In Eurogamer’s original Cult of the Lamb review, our Donlan called it a “charmer with a hundred moving parts”.

“Being a cult leader in this funny old game, then, is a little bit like being a game designer, I imagine. It’s complex on certain levels, and to use the lovely vivid cliche, you’re herding cats quite a lot,” he wrote. “But really you’re trying to arrange happiness for people. The only difference is that as a cult leader, if they don’t become happy on cue, you can cook them and eat them.”

I was wondering what I should make for supper…

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