Baldur’s Gate 3-style gameplay comes to Halo Infinite with this unreal Forge map

What you need to know

  • Halo YouTuber and Forger Red Nomster has created a fully functional Halo tabletop RPG game in Halo Infinite’s Forge mode.
  • The game essentially brings Baldur’s Gate 3-style combat to Halo Infinite, tasking one team with using UNSC Marines to rescue a prisoner and the other to stop them with squads of Banished units.
  • Players get two actions per turn, and can switch between first-person and top-down perspectives, turn on immersive sound effects, toggle tabletop figurine-style movement, and add spectators to the game whenever they want.
  • The dice-roll driven randomness of D&D comes through in the game through the natural behaviors of the AI in combat, such as with missed shots or grenade throws.
  • The mode is called “The Halo RPG,” and Red Nomster used roughly 1,400 scripting nodes to get it all working as smoothly as it does.

I thought I might stop being completely flabbergasted by the incredible talent and creativity of Halo Infinite’s Forge community eventually. After all, with amazing complete remakes of iconic Halo campaign missions and nifty Pokémon battle arenas landing on the in-game Content Browser every week, I can’t help but set my expectations sky-high. Yet, even despite how lofty they are at this point, there are projects that still exceed them — and the latest from Halo YouTuber Red Nomster has left them absolutely shattered.

Their new creation is The Halo RPG (make sure you bookmark its map and mode), a stunning and fully functional turn-based tabletop game built entirely in Forge using roughly 1,400 scripting nodes. Set in a gorgeously detailed attic atop a colorful Halo-themed board, the game gives one team control over a fireteam of human UNSC Marines mounting a daring rescue, while the other commands forces of the Banished tasked with the defense of an excavation site. The game is won whenever one side loses all their units, or if the UNSC team is able to break a special prisoner Marine out of a prison cell and escort them safely back to a Pelican dropship.

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