Call of Duty games now shut down when mouse and keyboard players use aim assist

Several Call of Duty games will now shut down for mouse and keyboard players who activate aim assist.

Activision has updated its anti-cheat system, Ricochet, to detect aim assist usage for PC players across Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone.

“Our security detection systems now target players using tools to activate aim assist while using a mouse and keyboard. The Call of Duty application will close if detected,” reads a new post on X, formerly Twitter.

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Further, repeated use of these tools will “lead to further account action”.

Aim assist is generally used by console players due to the control stick on a controller being less accurate than a mouse and keyboard. This decision by Activision, therefore, is to prevent PC players having an unfair advantage.

This update is the latest drastic preventative measure taken by Activision to remove cheaters from Call of Duty.

In November last year, Splat was added to Ricochet to disable the parachutes of cheating players so they fall to their doom – or shooting them into the air before an almighty fall.

That followed removing weapons and turning opponents invisible, all in an effort to annoy cheaters and let them know that Ricochet is always watching.

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