Foamstars debuts on PlayStation Plus next month, season pass detailed

Foamstars, Square Enix’s four-on-four foam-party shooter, will release next month on PlayStation Plus.

The game will be available to members as a monthly title from 6th February until 4th March, after which it will be available for all to purchase on the PlayStation Store for £24.99.

Square Enix has also detailed the game’s season pass, which will have both free and premium paid tracks (available for £4.99). Check out the new trailer below.

Foamstars Release Date Announce Trailer.

Though it’s unclear yet how long a season will last, Square Enix has committed to free seasonal updates for the next year. Moreover, every player will receive all the additional characters, battle modes and maps coming to the game, but the premium pass will provide immediate access and additional cosmetic rewards.

For instance, the character Mel T will eventually be unlocked in the first season pass, but is available immediately in the premium pass.

Ice cream character Mel T rides a surfboard over foam in Foamstars
The ice cream themed Mel T | Image credit: Square Enix

Square Enix stated the decision to release on PS Plus was a method to build a strong up-front community ahead of further content updates. The team is also open to collaborating with other Square Enix IPs, though there are no plans at present.

To recap the basics, Foamstars is a foam-party team shooter where players take control of quirky characters with unique weapons and abilities aiming to “chill” one another by smothering them in foam. Foam is used to attack and to defend, and can be manipulated to shape the landscape before surfing on it using a Slideboard.

It takes place in Bath Vegas, an elaborate resort city where players battle in the streets as part of the Foamstars’ Glorious Party.

Screenshot of Funktion map in Foamstars

Screenshot of Whisk-It Diner map in Foamstars

Screenshot of Fomeopatra's wheel map in Foamstars

Screenshot of Aqua Blast map in Foamstars with giant shark

Some of the maps in Bath Vegas | Image credit: Square Enix

So far two battle modes have been revealed: Smash The Star, in which players must defeat the opposing team’s buffed star player, and Happy Bath Survival, in which teams are split between arena battling and support from outside the ring.

Now a third mode has been detailed: Rubber Duck Party. Here, players must take control of a giant rubber duck at the centre of the stage, dancing on top of it so it advances towards the opposing team’s goal. As with all modes, there are three maps specific to that mode on a rotational basis.

Rubber duck DJ in Foamstars

Dancing atop the rubber duck in Foamstars

The new Rubber Duck Party mode | Image credit: Square Enix

Further, there’s a PvE Mission Mode that can be played solo or co-op, in which players defend Bath Vegas from randomised waves of Bubble Beasties. There are also specific challenges available anytime, weekly, or as limited-time experiences where players can earn experience, refine skills, and unlock new characters.

If this all seems a bit familiar, then yes, this is Square Enix’s take on Nintendo’s Splatoon series. It’s a similarly non-violent party-style shooter, with very similar modes (Salmon Run, Tower Control) and structure.

Foamstars does feature a prominent party theme, with a DJ mixing various types of party music and strong Idol vibes from its dancing characters. This was born from wanting to create a game that everyone can enjoy, even just by watching. Indeed, producer Kosuke Okatani is a keen street dancer and even provided motion capture for the game.

Multiple characters from Foamstars pose at the camera
The visuals are particularly glitzy | Image credit: Square Enix

The game is exclusive to PlayStation consoles – both PS4 and PS5. The PS5 version will feature a higher frame-rate and haptic feedback.

Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsell went hands-on with Foamstars at last year’s Summer Games Fest and had more fun with its “widely nonsensical competition” than expected.

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