Crazy Palworld bug lets you catch tower bosses, here’s how to do it

What you need to know

  • Palworld’s Syndicate Tower bosses are normally immune to capture, but thanks to the discovery of a new bug, it’s currently possible to catch them.
  • The bug works on both the Steam and Xbox/MS Store versions of Palworld, and can be performed with any Pal Sphere.
  • Performing the bug requires you to lead hostile PIDF Guards into a tower boss fight, have them accidentally hit the boss while shooting at you, and then throw a Pal Sphere at the boss’ back. Read the text below for an in-depth guide.
  • Tower boss Pals are wildly OP, with incredible amounts of HP and damage. They can also work in your base like normal Pals, and can be used as mounts as well.

Don’t lie; when you first saw one of the big bad Syndicate Tower bosses in Palworld, your first thought — just like mine — was “I’m gonna capture it.” Gotta catch ’em all, right? However, after weakening its health to critical levels and chucking a Pokéball Pal Sphere, you were devastated to learn that tower bosses are immune to capture. Forced to simply slay the fiend and move on, you wished that there was a way to make that tough-as-nails Pal yours.

Well, I’ve got good news for you. Thanks to the discovery of a wild new Palworld bug, you actually can catch tower bosses — and they’re just as wildly overpowered as you’d expect them to be, with ridiculous amounts of HP and crazy high damage. What’s more, it works in all versions of the game, and is surprisingly easy to pull off. All you’ll need are basic Pal Spheres and a bit of friendly fire.

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