Google’s 256GB Pixel 7 Pro drops to an irresistible price after ginormous 48 percent discount

If you’re a power user who likes stock Android and frequent software updates, you may not be able to wrap your head around the possibility of buying anything other than a Pixel 8 Pro nowadays. Not unless you’re willing to wait until fall for an undoubtedly improved Pixel 9 Pro flagship, that is.

But what if you were to go in the opposite direction and pick up a 2022-released Pixel 7 Pro instead? That 6.7-inch bad boy is not that old, and although it can arguably hold its own against most of the best phones available today in most key aspects, it’s way cheaper than a Galaxy S23 Ultra, iPhone 15 Pro, OnePlus 12, and even a “regular” iPhone 15 or Galaxy S24.
That’s especially true if you decide to take Woot up on its latest limited-time offer on this Google-made high-ender with Tensor G2 processing power, a generous 12GB RAM count, and a nice 256 gigs of internal storage space. That Pixel 7 Pro configuration can be yours for the next few days at the time of this writing (or while supplies last) for just $519.99 in a single Hazel colorway and brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged condition.
Seeing as how a 256GB Google Pixel 7 Pro used to cost a whopping $999 back in the day, you can imagine that this is the highest discount ever offered by a retailer as trustworthy as Woot with a full 1-year manufacturer warranty included.

Believe it or not, you currently have to pay significantly more than 520 bucks on Amazon for an entry-level Pixel 7 Pro variant with only 128GB storage, which truly tells you everything you need to know about this absolutely bonkers new Woot promotion.

Digital hoarders in need of even more storage space, meanwhile, can find the best deal on a 512GB configuration of the same 6.7-inch handset with three awesome rear-facing cameras at Woot’s parent company. But it’s actually not Amazon behind that $400 markdown from a $1,099 list price either, as Woot handles both the phone’s sales and shipments for the e-commerce giant too.

Should you pick the deeply discounted Pixel 7 Pro over the non-Pro Pixel 8, for instance? That obviously depends greatly on whether you care more about raw power or screen real estate, but what we can tell you without hesitation is that you will not be disappointed if you ultimately decide to go the older, bigger, and more camera-skilled route. That’s a bang-for-buck champion if we’ve ever seen one!

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