Bloodborne Kart isn’t allowed to be called Bloodborne Kart anymore, but it is still coming

The April Fool’s joke brought to life, Bloodborne Kart, has had to postpone its release following “contact” from IP owners Sony.

The kart racer based on Bloodborne was initially expected to release at the end of the month, but the indie team now says it needs additional time to “scrub the branding off of” the game.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Future of Bloodborne Kart

The Future of Bloodborne Kart

“Long story short, we need to scrub the branding off of what was previously known as Bloodborne Kart,” the team said yesterday. “We will do this, but that requires a short delay.”

The statement goes on to assure fans that although the game will “look slightly different”, it is still coming, even though the kart game’s release – scheduled for 31st January 2024 – has had to be cancelled and no alternate date has been offered as yet.

“We don’t have a release date yet, but we will let you all know ASAP when we do!” the team added. “We were honestly expecting something like this to happen, and the idea of having full creative control is kind of exciting!”

The project was first announced in early 2022 and is coming from game developer Lilith Walther, who also brought us the Bloodborne demake that recreated early levels in glorious PS1 detail.

The game formerly known as Bloodborne Kart includes 12 racers, 16 maps and a full single-player campaign, complete with boss battles. There will also be local split screen multiplayer and a VS Battle mode. Sadly, we’ll never get to race Father Gascoigne in a boss race, though.

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