Stardew Valley co-developer announces release window for urban life sim Sunkissed City

Developer Arthur ‘Mr. Podunkian’ Lee, who worked with ConcernedApe on Stardew Valley, has announced the release window for his own forthcoming life sim.

Sunkissed City will launch on PC via Steam in Q4 2024, with a console release to follow.

Lee has been sharing videos on social media from throughout the development process, giving players a good idea of what to expect.

Cover image for YouTube videoA run through Apollo City as of Feb 2023

A run through Apollo City as of Feb 2023

“Welcome to your new life in Apollo City, a sun-kissed seaside metropolis that’s pumping with funky vibes and quirky characters,” reads the Steam page.

“As a fresh hire for the monolithic Pico corporation’s new ‘Peco Pioneer’ pilot program, you’ve been tasked with fostering a relationship with Apollo’s vibrant community and putting in a good word for Pico’s new eco-focused initiatives.

“But all is not well in these bustling streets. The local wildlife has begun to behave more aggressively, the waters are devoid of life, monsters are pouring out from the sewers, and that’s not to mention the constant migraines everyone’s been having lately.”

And so begins another life sim that’s heavily inspired by Stardew, except this one has an urban setting.

It looks a little more 90s anime to me, with maybe a touch of Earthbound – especially with the cycling.

Indeed, players will be able to customise their bike…

…run an urban crop farm…

…and meet some questionable mushroom characters.

As for Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone, he’s working on the 1.6 update for Stardew Valley, as well as its spiritual successor Haunted Chocolatier.

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