Boring magnetic modular desk lamp with detachable light

Boring magnetic modular desk lamp

If you need a versatile light for your office desk or home workspace you might be interested in a new magnetic modular desk light that features not only a wireless charger in the base but also a detachable light wand. The Boring Smart  Lamp is a sophisticated addition to any space, offering a blend of style and practicality that meets the demands of a dynamic lifestyle.

This lamp is not just another piece of decor; it’s a versatile tool designed to fit the unique contours of your environment. Its magnetic modular design allows for easy installation and reconfiguration. You can adjust the height and rotate the arm 360 degrees, ensuring that you can focus the light exactly where you need it. Whether you’re concentrating on detailed tasks or relaxing with a book, the Boring Smart Lamp provides the perfect lighting.

Adjustable lighting

Early access pledges are now available for the interesting project from roughly $119 or £94 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 13% off the recommended retail price, while the Indiegogo crowd funding is under way. The lamp is equipped with 60 LED beads that offer customizable lighting options.

wireless charger

You can smoothly transition from a warm 3200K to a brighter 5200K color temperature, creating the ideal atmosphere for any situation. The Boring Lamp also takes care of your eyes with features like low blue-light emission, a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 98+, and a flicker-free output. These features are designed to reduce eye strain, especially during prolonged use.

Modular desk lamp

But the Boring Lamp is more than just a desk lamp. It’s an adaptable lighting solution that can transform into a monitor light bar, reducing screen glare and keeping your workspace clutter-free. For those moments of relaxation, it offers solid or multi-color effects to set the mood for your entertainment needs. The built-in microphone allows the lamp to react to music or ambient sounds, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your social events.

Smart desk lamp

The entertainment experience is taken to a new level with the Boring Lamp’s ability to synchronize with your movies and games. This feature creates an immersive atmosphere that enhances every visual detail. And when you’re on the move, the addition of a portable battery module turns the lamp into a Light Sword, offering dynamic lighting for any occasion.

If the Boring campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and manufacturing progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around March 2024. To learn more about the Boring modular desk lamp project analyze the promotional video below.

Wireless phone charger

The practicality of the Boring Lamp extends to its charging capabilities. The Magsafe base includes a 15W fast wireless charging feature for Qi-compatible devices, ensuring your gadgets are always powered up. The lamp’s construction is robust, with a CNC machined aluminum alloy frame that promises durability. It’s designed to last, with effective heat dissipation that extends the LED lifespan to at least 60,000 hours.

The Boring Smart Lamp is a smart choice for anyone looking to enhance their space with a lighting solution that is both stylish and functional. It’s a reliable companion that promises to improve your daily life, whether you’re working, playing, or simply enjoying the ambiance of your space. With its innovative design, customizable lighting, and entertainment features, the Boring Lamp is sure to impress and endure through all your activities.


adjustable lighting temperatures

For a complete list of all available backing options, stretch goals, extra media and design specifications for the modular desk lamp, jump over to the official Boring crowd funding campaign page by inspecting the link below.

Source : Indiegogo

Disclaimer: Participating in crowdfunding campaigns on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo involves inherent risks. While many projects successfully meet their goals, others may fail to deliver due to numerous challenges. Always conduct thorough research and exercise caution when pledging your hard-earned money as you might lose it all if the project fails.

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