From Late Nights to Limelight: The Story of Go Mecha Ball

Discover the origins of Go Mecha Ball, a game born from late-night ideas during parental leave.

A unique game where a rolling ball transforms into a powerful mecha, capturing the internet’s attention.

From viral prototype to securing funding from Microsoft – a developer’s dream come true.

GMB -screenshot

Go Mecha Ball began with a critical look at classic top-down shooters during the reflective nights of my paternity leave. I questioned the traditional use of rolling merely for evasion. What if rolling could be offensive? What if an object, known for crashing into things, could also shoot? This line of thought led to the idea of a ball, an object synonymous with rolling and kinetic energy, transforming into a powerful mecha. This concept laid the foundation for a game that would uniquely blend action and strategy.

GMB -attack

I began developing this idea into a prototype, utilizing my new procedural animation system to ensure the transformation between ball and mecha was not just visually appealing but seamless – a crucial element of the game’s fun and engagement. The goal was to create something different: a game that was as enjoyable to watch as it was to play.

GMB -ball launching

After a brief pause due to parental cover and adjusting to a new job, I resumed tinkering with the prototype. To my surprise, it wasn’t long before Microsoft took notice of Go Mecha Ball. Their decision to support the project was transformative. It elevated my late-night prototype into a serious game development venture, bringing Go Mecha Ball closer to a wider audience.

GMB -playing field

Now, Go Mecha Ball is set to leave its mark in the gaming world. This game is a testament to the power of a good idea and what can be achieved when creativity meets opportunity. It’s more than just a game – it’s a journey from a simple yet innovative concept to an exhilarating adventure. Go Mecha Ball is ultimately a love letter to what I believe is most important in games: game feel.

Try your hand at this new approach to kinetic movement today on Xbox!

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Load up and roll out, in this twin stick shooter with roguelike progression! Blast your way through arcade-style levels, using pinball-style physics mixed with an arsenal of devastating weapons. Defeat waves of enemy bots, battle big bosses, and upgrade your mech between runs!

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