Palworld boss locations map: Every tower boss and Alpha Pal in order

You can expect to face many different threats throughout your adventure across the Palpagos Islands in Palworld, but none are more formidable than the game’s bosses. Both the juiced up “Alpha Pal” versions of regular Pals in the open world and the five major bosses found at special towers around the map are quite a challenge to take down, and while battling the former, you can even capture and use them yourself (you can catch tower bosses, too, but that’s a bug and not a feature).

But before you can actually fight all of these elite foes, you’ll first need to find them. This can be tricky to accomplish if you’re only going off of your own explorations, as there are nearly 50 bosses in total and you have a ridiculous amount of ground to cover on Palworld’s huge map. Thankfully, though, the Palworld community has come together incredibly quickly post-launch, and has sleuthed out exactly where each and every one of these enemies can be found.

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