Nightingale gets brisk three-hour stress test this Friday

Nightingale, the upcoming gaslamp fantasy game from Inflexion Games, will get a server stress test this Friday, 2nd February. It’s a one-day only affair – if that – running from 6pm to 9pm UK time (1pm to 4pm Eastern).

Randomly selected players who had previously signed up for the test will start receiving access to the game one hour before. Others will then be invited to play in batches. Again, this will be random, so keep an eye out for an email from Steam.

“Our goal is for all players who signed up for the test to be able to participate. How quickly that happens will be dependent on how the test progresses,” Inflexion said, explaining it will granting access in waves to assess how servers handle large amounts of players logging in at the same time and the developer’s ability to rapidly scale up in response.

Cover image for YouTube videoNightingale | Release Date Trailer | gamescom 2023

Nightingale release date trailer.

During this test, those participating will enter a “tailored version” of Nightingale’s early game experience. This means no tutorial and a nice upgrade to tools and gear.

Testers will also have access to a variety of already unlocked recipes. Infexion said this will be “the equivalent to what a Realmwalker can earn approximately 10 hours into a typical playthrough”, and will provide a little taster of what is in store further down the line.

Eurogamer’s own Nightingale, one Mr. Ed Nightingale, went hands-on with the game last year. You can read his thoughts about it all in Eurogamer’s Nightingale preview here.

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