Kojima making new Metal Gear Solid-style game, and movie, for PlayStation

PlayStation has announced Physint, a major new project with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, to “reinvent” the genre he is most famous for.

This new “next-generation action espionage game” will be a fresh, original IP – as Metal Gear Solid remains owned by Konami – and will also be a movie as well.

“Preparations are udnerway, but production will begin in earnest at Kojima Productions after Death Stranding 2,” Kojima said tonight during Sony’s PlayStation State of Play – during which we also learned Death Stranding 2 is set to arrive in 2025.

Cover image for YouTube videoPhysint – Hideo Kojima returns to the action-espionage genre | PlayStation

PlayStation’s Hermen Hulst and Hideo Kojima discuss new project Physint.

This new project, then, is not coming for some time. There was no mention, perhaps unsurprisingly, of Kojima’s horror project OD that he is working on for Xbox.

“We have extensive experience with Sony, having grown the espionage genre together for almost 30 years. Also, Sony not only does games, but does movies and music. It will definitely be a strong collaboration.

“Two years from now, I will celebrate the 40th anniversary of my game production career. I am confident that this title will be the culmination of my work.

“Of course, it is an interactive game, but it is also a movie at the same time, in terms of look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion and sound. With this title, we hope to transcend the barriers between film and video games.”

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