Stellar Blade gets April release date along with shiny new trailer

Shift Up’s upcoming release Stellar Blade has secured an April launch date.

It will be arriving on PlayStation 5 on 26th April. Those interested in the studio’s action-adventure game can pre-order from the 7th February. If you do, you will receive an early unlock of the Planet Diving Suit for Eve, a pair of Classic Round Glasses for Eve and Ear Armor Earrings (also for Eve).

A Digital Deluxe edition of Stellar Blade will also be available, retailing at £79.99. This version comes with the above, as well as a Stargazer Suit for Eve, Stargazer Wear for Adam, a Stargazer Coat for Lily, Half-Rim Glasses for Eve, Quadruple Rectangle Earrings for Eve, a Stargazer Pack for the Drone, 2,000 SP EXP and 5,000 Gold in-game currency.

The official blurb from Stellar Blade’s most recent trailer – which you can see via the embed below – asks us all to “reclaim Earth for humankind”, so no pressure, but the threat of extinction is real here. You will play as Eve, and her companions include Lily. Lily has plenty of engineering knowlegdge, which will come in handy as Eve makes her way through the world.

Stellar Blade – Pre-Order Trailer | PS5 GamesWatch on YouTube

Overall, the trailer gives me echoes of Bayonetta and Nier. What do you think?

In a PlayStation Blog post, Stellar Blade director Hyung Tae Kim offered up the following synopsis:

“Stellar Blade follows the journey of Eve, a warrior who descends from an off-world Colony to defeat the Naytibas, humanity’s enemy that suddenly emerged on Earth. The Naytibas appear to be attacking the human race at the will of a higher entity composed of Alpha and an Elder, but no one really knows about their origin.

“The protagonist, Eve, finds herself in a devastated world where she meets Adam, a survivor left on Earth, and Lily, a member of a previous airborne squad. Together they join forces in battle against the Naytibas. Along the way, Eve’s party works with the surviving citizens gathered in the last human city, Xion.”

Stellar Blade bonuses

Stellar Blade bonuses

Image credit: Shift Up

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