I can’t decide if this is the laziest or most ingenious Steam Deck setup I’ve ever seen — why not both?

I love my Steam Deck, but there’s no denying it’s a chunky bit of kit. I’ve shared my own tips in the past on how to deal with its mighty weight over long gaming periods such as using a nursing pillow to ease up the pressure on your wrists, though I hadn’t quite solved the gaming lying down conundrum.  Many gamers have faced the same dilemma: how to play their Steam Deck lying down without risking a concussion from dropping it on their face.

Thankfully a Reddit user has solved the riddle of playing their Steam Deck completely horizontally, and it’s of course owed in no small part to the XReal glasses, but there are some other accessories here that make it a pretty genius solution that I felt it only right to share with the world outside of the Steam Deck sub, and it can work for other handhelds too like the ROG Ally. Some might call this lazy, but we prefer to call it efficient. Why waste energy holding up your Steam Deck when you can use that energy to focus on your gameplay? Besides, gaming in bed has many benefits, such as reduced stress, and increased comfort. It’s a win-win right? 

Step 1: AR Glasses

My lay down/in bed set up from r/SteamDeck

First of all, the most important accessory of all here is the XReal glasses, augmented reality glasses that project virtual images into your line of sight whether that be from a gaming unit or your mobile phone. We’re a big fan of these already at Windows Central, and having tested myself already I can confirm they are more than comfortable enough to wear in bed. We reviewed the XReal Air 2 Pro recently which weighs in at only 75g and projects your screen onto the glasses so you can plug into your chosen handheld and even control the volume and brightness directly from the glasses. You can choose from different models, such as the XReal Air 2 Pro, which has an electromagnetic dimming option, or the XReal Air 2, which is slightly cheaper.

The XREAL Air work perfectly with the ROG Ally too (Image credit: Windows Central)

Step 2: The perfect charging solution

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