Warframe’s long-awaited cross-save feature is now available for all players

Following a cautious, gradual roll-out to stop everything blowing up in a tangle of lost progress and Tenno tears, developer Digital Extremes has announced that free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe’s long-awaited cross-platform save feature is now available to all players.

Digital Extremes has been slowly working away on Warframe’s cross-platform support for a number of years now; cross-play was first introduced back in December 2022, while cross-save – enabling players to pick up where they left off regardless of the platform they’re playing on – starting rolling out in December last year.

At the time, Digital Extremes explained it would be taking a cautious approach and introducing cross-save in phases, to avoid risking timeouts caused by high demand – something that could potentially be catastrophic for a feature as sensitive as account merging. Since then, it’s been rolling out cross-save support to players in batches, but today brings the news it’ll now be immediately available to anyone that wants to take advantage of the feature.

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Warframe cross-save: so exciting it even got its own trailer.

Digital Extremes has implemented two different flavours of cross-save in the form of account linking and account merging – but the latter option is only available for Warframe accounts created prior to 24th November 2023.

Account linking is the simpler of the two options, letting players pick a primary account then link it to any additional accounts they might have on other platforms. Once this is done, the majority of play progress and purchases – minus a couple of instances such as exclusive cosmetics or premium currency purchased on certain platforms – will be available regardless of where they play.

Account merging, meanwhile, is a one-time process that essentially consolidates multiple accounts, and all items within, into a single account that can be used across all platforms. As Digital Extremes previously explained, it made the decision to disable account merging for any account created after 24th November last year – the date the cross-save process was formally announced – to avoid people abusing the system by, say, creating multiple accounts to get free premium currency then merging them back into their main account.

If you want to take advantage of Warframe’s new cross-save feature, it’s well worth having a thorough read of Digital Extreme’s lengthy FAQ before you begin connecting your accounts to minimise the chances of anything going upsettingly awry.

Today’s cross-save announcement follows the arrival of Warframe’s wonderfully odd Whispers in the Walls expansion in December, which lays the foundations for a whole new chapter in the game’s ongoing saga. Its next big update, Dante Unbound, arrives in March, introducing new Warframe Dante, a rework for Warframe Inaros, the return of the game’s community created content the TennoGen system, and more.

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