Former Saints Row developers join Clockwork Revolution development

A group of former Volition developers have joined the development of steampunk RPG Clockwork Revolution under the banner of a fresh studio.

Shapeshifter Games has been founded by Volition veterans, following the studio’s closure last year and poor reception to its Saints Row reboot. Now, LinkedIn profiles of employees have since confirmed Shapeshifter’s first project (thanks TechRaptor).

On LinkedIn, Shapeshifter Games stated it is a co-development studio and revealed it was already working “with a top publisher on their next great IP”. Shortly after, inXile Entertainment released a statement announcing its partnership with Shapeshifter to help work on Clockwork Revolution.

Cover image for YouTube videoClockwork Revolution – Official Reveal Trailer

Clockwork Revolution – Official Reveal Trailer

“Shortly after Volition closed, we flew to Illinois and worked with Xbox and the then ex-Volition leadership to secure this new team as our co-development partner,” inXile said. “Their wealth of industry experience further bolstering our efforts in developing our upcoming steampunk RPG Clockwork Revolution.”

Clockwork Revolution was revealed last summer during an Xbox Games Showcase, when its visual similarities to BioShock Infinite became a hot topic of discussion. Xbox later clarified any similarities between Clockwork Revolution and BioShock Infinite are “unintentional”. Clockwork Revolution director went on to name Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines as influences.

Clockwork Revolution is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S, and inXile said it’ll share more information about the game “in due time”.

Volition was shut down in August last year as part of parent company Embracer Group’s “restructuring” programme, and was estimated to affect about 340 employees.

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