Pixel Fold down to its best price as Amazon and Best vow to match each other’s generosity

What’s the techie equivalent of a girl chopping her hair off when she wants to change her life? Getting a foldable phone, duh. As much as we appreciate bendable devices for what they bring to the table, they are wildly overpriced, but Amazon and Best Buy have made the Google Pixel Fold a lot more approachable than it usually is.
The Pixel Fold is a strong showing for a first foldable phone from Google. The wide 5.8-inch outer screen is far more usable than the Galaxy Z Fold 5‘s narrow cover display. When unfolded, it functions more like a mini-tablet.

While our candy bar phones have had split-screen modes for as long as we can remember, running two apps side by side takes on a new meaning on the Pixel Fold. It’s one thing to be able to launch two apps side by side on your phone, but it’s a completely different experience to comfortably use two apps at the same time.

And yes, some rival phones let you use even more apps concurrently, and if your super brain can handle more than two things at the same time, you should avoid the Pixel Fold, but for everyone else, two simultaneous tasks sound just about enough. 
The Pixel Fold‘s camera system is a particular success over other top foldable phones. In fact, its camera is superior to most other phones around.

Powering everything is the Google Tensor G2 and there’s never a laggy moment. 

The base Pixel Fold with a healthy 12GB of RAM and generous 256GB of storage costs $1,799 but Amazon and Best Buy have both slashed $400 off the price and are selling the phone for $1,399. 

For reference, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which doesn’t even fold, starts at $1,299.99, and the iPhone 15 Pro, which also doesn’t fold, costs $1,199.

Grab the Pixel Fold if you think you’ll appreciate more screen estate for reading books and newspapers, gaming, and productivity tasks like viewing presentations on the go.

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