Resident Evil 4 Remake becomes series’ fastest-selling entry, now sold 6.4m

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 Remake has sold another 1m copies over the past three months, for a total of 6.48m units sold worldwide.

This makes it the fastest selling Resident Evil title “by far” – a stat tracked by Alex Aniel, writer of Itchy Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil – although the game still sits behind the likes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Village in terms of total sales to date.

In its recent consolidated financial results, Capcom said these more recent Resident Evil 4 sales have been supported by “ongoing promotional measures” such as free updates for the PlayStation VR2 version.

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil 4 Remake – DF Tech Review – The Definitive Version?

Resident Evil 4 Remake – DF Tech Review – The Definitive Version?

Capcom is yet to update its list of Platinum Titles – in which the developer documents its games that have sold over 1m copies – for this quarter. However, this most recent Resident Evil 4 figure could nudge the remake above Street Fighter 2 on the list (assuming sales on that particular Street Fighter title have remained static).

Further in its recent financial results, Capcom said it had “conducted proactive promotional campaigns to gain wide recognition for its intellectual property and acquire new fans”. This was done by focusing “primarily on series title sales, such as Resident Evil 2”. Capcom said its catalogue title sales have now reached 26.7m units.

As for its other franchises, earlier this month Capcom announced Street Fighter 6 had reached 3m sales after six months on the market.

If you are yet to play through Resident Evil 4 for yourself, be sure to check out our review, in which Aoife said the game is “about as good as remakes get”.

“Resident Evil 4 Remake… [displays] a confidence in both the original game’s strengths and its own innovations to deliver something that feels at once intimately familiar to old fans and excitingly fresh for newcomers,” she said in Eurogamer’s Resident Evil 4 Remake review.

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