Xbox releases new dreamy Vapor controller design

Xbox’s latest special edition controller is a new take on its Stormcloud Vapor design from last year – Dream Vapor.

According to Xbox, Dream Vapor features a pink and purple coloured swirl pattern which will be unique to each controller. Feature-wise this is your bog standard Xbox wireless controller, with the addition of rubberised side grips.

However, you will also unlock an exclusive dynamic background of the same theme so you can match your console’s Home screen to your hardware.

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Dream Vapor will release on 6th February and cost £65 and can be ordered from the Microsoft Store. If Stormcloud Vapor and Dream Vapor aren’t the colour scheme for you, there’s a new line-up of Vapor patterns available in Xbox Design Lab.

As well as Stormcloud and Dream, you can get Electric Vapor (bright green), Fire Vapor (red and orange), Cyber Vapor (darker shades of pink and purple), or Nocturnal Vapor (dark green and grey). These will cost you a little extra though, adding an extra £8 onto the £60 price of a regular wireless controller.

Six Xbox controllers in different shades of the Vapor, misty pattern
Here’s all six Vapour patterns and controllers you could make in the Design Lab. | Image credit: Xbox

Of all the Xbox controller designs Microsoft has released over the years, I find Dream Vapor one of the better ones. This is probably because I’m a sucker for anything pastel. I’ll see you in my dreams, Dream Vapor.

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