Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters on PC finally have feature parity with console

Square Enix has finally updated the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series on Steam to offer feature parity with the console versions.

In a new update, assistance features have been added across all six games that allow players to modify the amount of EXP, gil or magic AP they receive, or turn off enemy encounters entirely.

Further, players can switch between the original or newly arranged soundtracks, plus the font type can be switched between modern and classic versions.

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These features were all included in the console release of the game, across PlayStation and Switch in April last year.

Although the Steam versions were released a year prior, it’s taken until now for these additions to be included.

There are other additions too. In Final Fantasy 6, for instance, there’s now an option to switch movement speeds; a monster bestiary viewable from the in-game menu; and credits for the remaster have been added to the iconic introductory scene. Oh and there are bug fixes, of course.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters update the first six games in the series with consistent presentation. They’re the ideal way to experience the origins of the series on console and PC (except Xbox).

Next in the series will be Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, out exclusively on PlayStation 5 on 29th February.

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