Chromium 122 plus better Web Panels, Calendar and Translate

For our Friday snapshot we have updates across the browser with special attention to Calendar, Mail, Translate and Web Panels. Plus there is a jump from Chromium 120 to 122.

Known Issues

  • [Linux][Media] No proprietary media support on distros with an older glibc: this will be fixed in a future snapshot (VB-103867)

Download (3265.3)


  • [Address Bar] Doesn’t autocomplete correctly when subdomain (VB-103593)
  • [Address bar] When typing and hitting “Enter” quickly, some characters are dropped (VB-103404)
  • [Bookmarks] Metadata extraction fails when image recoding errs (VB-103731)
  • [Calendar] Add ability to type and select time zone (VB-98417)
  • [Calendar] Can’t scroll in the event details dialog (VB-97278)
  • [Calendar] Insert “No title” or “No subject” into calendar event name when no title is added (VB-72909)
  • [Calendar] Make the event link 🔗 symbol clickable (VB-73039)
  • [Calendar] Rename “Apple iCloud” account type option to “iCloud Calendar” (VB-102386)
  • [Calendar] When moving an event to the future, notifications do not get created on remote (VB-101456)
  • [Calendar][Panels] Event “Dialog” hides under right-side of the panel (VB-103604)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Panel and sidebar show trashed tasks (VB-103700)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 122.0.6261.25
  • [Commands] Translate Page missing from Command Chains (VB-103601)
  • [Crash] When visiting the Privacy and Security settings page in a private window (VB-103648)
  • [Downloads] http downloads from https site fail silently (VB-103238)
  • [Extensions] Numeric badges on extension icons are unreadable (VB-99599)
  • [Feeds] UI is broken in subscribe to Feed dialog (VB-103813)
  • [Mail] IMAP client creation stalls after hibernation (VB-103502)
  • [Mail] Importing a duplicate message with no subject does not find dup (VB-103739)
  • [Mail] Must subscribe to standard folders on account setup (VB-103854)
  • [Mail] Search jumps upon navigating to mail tab (VB-96344)
  • [Mail] Unread filter broken and shows all messages after clicking Reset in View Filters (VB-103620)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Clear oAuth log entries while clearing mail and calendar log in Status Popup (VB-103738)
  • [Notes] Screenshot is loaded instead of original URL (VB-103803)
  • [Panels] Make side-panels/web-panels work more like regular tabs (VB-103513)
  • [Popout Video] No PiP button on Rutube (VB-103627)
  • [Privacy statistics] Pop out window shrinks (VB-103737)
  • [Sessions][Panels] Search is case-sensitive (VB-103519)
  • [Settings] Poor performance in rendering Website Permissions (slows down settings search) (VB-103586)
  • [Speed Dials] Change default size to ‘Icon’
  • [Speed Dials] Remove ‘https://www’ from Speed Dials without title (VB-103828)
  • [Tabs] Stack popup thumbnails show tabs from other Workspaces (VB-103725)
  • [Tabs] Tiled stack opens a blank page (VB-101227)
  • [Tabs][Menus] Tiling context menus items need an overhaul (VB-103667)
  • [Translate] Automatic detection doesn’t work at all for short words (VB-93769)
  • [Translate] Doesn’t work with Montenegrin page (VB-100171)
  • [Translate] Don’t translate “<code>” tag content (VB-88867)
  • [Translate] Language detection lacking when using “Auto-translate selected text” (VB-103640)
  • [Translate] Popup should detect source language also on subsequent use (VB-94554)
  • [Translate] Text containing “&shy;” breaks: fixes many Icelandic sites (VB-103689)
  • [Translate] Time isn’t localized in the selected text translation popup (VB-91039)
  • [Translate][Reader] “Translate selected text” option doesn’t work (VB-83212)
  • [UI] Unify look of form elements: follow up fixes (VB-103355)

Main photo by Brady Bellini.

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