Instagram and Threads claim they will stop recommending political content

Meta continues to make major changes to how its social apps work, mostly due to the EU cracking down on tech giants. The EU’s new legislation is trying to create a fairer and more competitive digital economy, and this can’t be achieved without strict rules.

Some of the changes that Meta plans to implement are related to a certain type of content that the social company aggressively recommended to its users because it produced huge engagement.

If you’re a fan of politics and take your share of political news from social apps on a daily basis, you’ll most likely be affected by Meta’s upcoming changes for Instagram and Threads.

Both apps will stop recommended political content to its users, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri confirmed over the weekend. According to him, Meta no longer wants “to proactively amplify political content from accounts that you don’t follow.”

This means that while you will still be able to see political content from the accounts you already follow, you will no longer be suggested political content from accounts that you don’t have among your following list.

If political content is posted by an account that is not eligible to be recommended, that account’s content can still reach their followers in Feed and Stories, Mosseri explains.

Although Meta will stop recommending political content, users will still have the option to get this type of content if that’s what they really want. The changes will only apply to public accounts and only in places where Instagram and Threads recommend content.

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