Check out some of the upcoming features coming to eligible Pixel models next month

The quarterly Pixel Feature Drop is always an update that owners of eligible Pixel phones look forward to. With the right update, your Pixel can almost feel brand new. When my daily driver was the Pixel 6 Pro a couple of years ago, I was always hoping that Google would add some type of Face unlock feature to the phone, and while there were rumors explaining various ways it could happen, sadly, it never did. As a result, I still had to deal with the Pixel 6 Pro‘s finicky optical under-display fingerprint sensor.
The March Pixel Feature Drop is a few weeks away and since Google seems to have returned to the tradition of releasing updates on the first Monday of a new month, we could see the next Feature Drop released on Monday, March 4th. Writing for Android Central, Android expert Mishaal Rahman lists some of the new features that we can expect in the March Feature Drop. These features have already surfaced in the Android 14 QPR2 Beta releases.
One new feature will allow Pixel users to switch Bluetooth devices without having to go into the Settings app. Since my Pixel 6 Pro is running Android 14 QPR 2 Beta 3.1, I was able to take a screenshot showing how tapping the Bluetooth tile on the Quick Settings page opens a pop-up that allows you to switch between Bluetooth devices, pair a new device, or even disable Bluetooth on the phone.

Perhaps this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you record your screen and a notification pops up, you might want to redo the recording especially if the notification contains personal information. With the March Feature Drop, Pixel users will be able to choose between recording the entire screen or a specific app. Recording the former means that everything seen on the screen is recorded, including a notification. Recording a single app means that the only thing recorded is the content of that app and any notification will not appear. A similar option will be offered to those looking to mirror their screen to to any Chromecast-compatible display.

The update will also replace a full-screen page to give you a status report about the Camera and the Microphone on your Pixel, telling you which app is accessing either one. A button will allow you to close that app instantly. You’ll also be able to share your Wi-Fi connection with another user by opening Quick Settings, tapping the Internet button, and tapping on the “Share Wi-Fi” pill on the bottom left of the display. You’ll be sent to a page with a QR code after verifying your identity via fingerprint or facial recognition. When another phone scans the QR code, it will connect to your Wi-Fi service.

The March Feature Drop will also allow users to quickly see at a glance on the “Weather” lock screen any upcoming alarm and whether the Do Not Disturb feature in enabled.

Circle March 4th on your calendar because that could be the date when the March Quarterly Pixel Drop is released. And Google has already released the first beta for the June Feature Drop (Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1).

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