Microsoft Word lead uses the Apple Vision Pro while on a flight

What you need to know

  • Omar Shahine, the head of Microsoft Word, recently shared his experience with the Apple Vision Pro while flying to Dubai.
  • He says the headset provides an immersive and superior experience compared to In-flight entertainment.
  • He added that the headset is quite heavy, which makes it uncomfortable to wear for a long duration of time, and that it also strained his eyes.

When Apple announced that it would be dipping its foot into the VR landscape with its Vision Pro headset, users received the news with mixed feelings. Rumors hitting the windmill at the time indicated that the entry might be a flop even before it ships, especially after several reports surfaced online stating that Apple might not be able to deliver 1 million Vision Pro units by early 2024.

Fast forward to its debut, the augmented reality headset with spatial computing technology is becoming a hit among users. Despite the exorbitant $3,499 price tag, Apple sold approximately 200,000 Vision Pro headsets on pre-order, as spotted by MacRumors.

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