Sequence Involving Johnny Silverhand’s Girlfriend Was Originally Much More ‘Harrowing’, All You Need to Know

Game development is a very complicated process and just like movies, some scenes do not always make their way into the final product. Something similar was observed with CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 with one scene that was planned to be much more “harrowing”, which was later toned down a bit.

The scene in question is when V meets Johnny Silverhand’s net runner girlfriend and learns what happened to her. As spotted by VG247, Alix Wilton Regan, the actress who plays Silverhand’s girlfriend, Alt Cunningham, revealed during a recent REDStream that this scene was planned a lot differently previously and was changed ultimately in the final game.

Regan speaks about how this scene included some of the most “emotional bits” in her acting career. Regan starts by revealing that there was “a lot more violence” in the scene where her character, Cunningham, was kidnapped. That scene was recorded with “a lot more fear and a lot more tears”.

Moreover, Regan talks about how the developers wish the scene to be “really harrowing” and Regan agrees to it. Regan added that they wished for it to be terrifying, which is why there were tears from her at that moment. However, the sequence was toned down for the final version of the game and the reason for that hasn’t been revealed

Seeing how Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of violence and terror anyway, it isn’t easy to understand why CD Projekt Red will tone down such a scene. It is even more weird considering that this is a great plot point that explains Johnny Silverhand’s character as well as his motivation.

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