Google streamlines warranty and out-of-warranty replacements for Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2

Accidents happen, and for those of us that carry tech devices on us at all times, these accidents can often become very costly. This becomes even more impactful when the piece of technology involved is out of warranty or when you have to jump through hoops to get a warranty repair or replacement done. Fortunately, Google is doing something about it and simplifying this process in both scenarios when it comes to the Pixel Watch.

As per an announcement today in the Google Pixel Watch Help community, Google will now provide original Pixel Watch users — whose watches are out of warranty or with damage that isn’t covered by warranty — the option to purchase a replacement watch at a discounted price.
This discounted replacement unit will not include a charging cable or watch bands, and you will need to contact the Google Pixel Watch Customer Care Team directly to initiate the process. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t purchase the watch straight from them; they’re still be your go-to for this assistance. At the moment, there is no indication in Google’s support documents of how much replacement units would cost. 

Image Source: Google

Pixel Watch 2 replacements get a much better option

However, for those with a Pixel Watch 2 (second generation) in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Africa, things get much easier. Google is now offering a more streamlined self-service mail-in replacement process that can be initiated online without having to speak to someone directly from Google Pixel’s customer support team.

This process involves filling out a form in the Google Store’s “Repair” section, which will request for you to enter the device’s serial or IMEI number. Once you have accepted the terms of the mail-in option and confirm shipping address and form of payment — and once the broken device is received by Google — a new device will be sent to you.

Although the version of the Pixel Watch that needs repairs or a replacement makes a big difference in the type of service you will receive, it is good to see Google streamlining the procedure. In the past, users had to physically visit a Google Store or contact the support team, potentially requiring the sacrifice of hours from your day in order to resolve. Now, things get a bit easier.

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